Esbelt Trading - USA & Canada

Esbelt manufactures and markets its thermoplastic conveyor belts (PVC - polyurethane - polyester - polyolefin and silicone), transmission flat belts (rubber and elastomer - leather and textile), thermoweldable round and V belts for conveyance, as well as several conveyor belt accessories (buckets - profiles and fasteners for mechanical splices) and conveyor belts machinery.

The experience, organisation, and commitment of esbelt enable it to offer the best service and the best quality-price ratio.

Based on a long tradition of Research & Development, esbelt's products are internationally known for their high quality.

PVC, Polyurethane, Polyester, Polyolefine and Silicone, 1 to 6-ply belts, covering all applications.

Elastomer, leather, and fabric transmission and transport belts covering all applications.

Polyurethane thermoweldable belts, ideal for light product conveyance. Types: Round, trapezoidal and pentagonal.

Conveyor belts accessories ( Profiles, Buckets, Sidewalls, fasteners, ...)